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"I just wanted to tell you how much I liked the cribbing collar I bought for my horse. He doesn't crib at all and it is on fairly loosely. As a bonus, he doesn't eat his blankets."
- Yvonne Todd

"I was hesitant to try the cribbing collar because nothing has seemed to work for us on one particular gelding, who is a terrible cribber. It worked great and I would highly recommend it to anyone!"
- Gray Lyster

"After trying everything else on the market with no success, I tried the No-No Collar. Not expecting it to work either. I was totally blown away with the success that I had with this collar."
- Dena Lopez

"The no-no collar has been a huge impact for two of our horses. One is from the track and we have a hard time keeping weight on him, with the collar he is now gaining weight. Our mare was a rescue."
- Michele V.
"Linda made a No No Collar for Hugh Hoofner, he was a bad cribber! Nothing was working and we were leary.. now, Hugh has won his last two races! His groom said it is working great!"
- Amy Alana Griffiths

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