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The No-No Collar
A cribbing collar that actually works
There is nothing more annoying than a horse that cribs! Not only is cribbing damaging to your property, it is also detrimental to the mental and physical health of the animal. Finally, there is a humane solution that will put a stop to cribbing once and for all!
When worn properly, the No-No Collar will comfortably and humanely prevent your horse from completing the cribbing action that allows them to successfully suck air, and is much like a mother standing idly by saying, 'No-No!'
Watch The No-No Collar in action!
Chaps & More

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For over 35 years Linda's Leather has been making custom designed and custom fit chaps as well as half chaps, farrier aprons and belts. Linda's Leather only uses the highest quality material in her products.
"I just wanted to tell you how much I liked the Cribbing Collar I bought for my horse. He doesn't crib at all and it is on fairly loosely. As a bonus, he doesn't eat his blankets."
- Yvonne Todd
"I was hesitant to try the Cribbing Collar because nothing has seemed to work for us on one particular gelding, who is a terrible cribber. It worked great and I would highly recommend it to anyone!"
- Gray L.yster
Farm Manager, Ashview Farm
"After trying everything else on the market with no success, I tried the No-No Collar, not expecting it to work either. I was totally blown away with the success that I had with this collar."
- Dena Lopez
Saddlebred Trainer
"The No-No Collar has been a huge impact for two of our horses. One is from the track and we have a hard time keeping weight on him, with the collar he is now gaining weight."
- Michele Vice
Riding Academy Trainer
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