Cribbing is more than just an irritating bad habit for some horses.  Cribbing can be harmful to your your horse's health both mentally and physically.  The No-No Collar will stop your horse from cribbing, allowing them to return to normal horse activities.  There are many other anti-cribbing devices on the market, but very few are successful at beating this bad habit.  Some of these devices even cause physical harm and discomfort to the animal.  The No-No Collar is humane, and handmade in the USA.  
It's Simple. It's Humane. It's Made in Kentucky
Revolutionizing the Horse Industry. One collar at a time.
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The No-No Collar is Patented

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How does the No-No Collar work?
The No-No Collar is a very simple device. When properly put on it is wide and firm enough to stop a horse from pulling their head back to a position needed to complete the cribbing action and suck air.  When horses crib, they thicken their neck muscles. The thickening of the neck muscles combined with snugging the collar behind the jaw bones puts the 3 inch wide collar in a position in which the horse cannot arch his head toward his chest to finish the cribbing action and suck air. Every time a horse tries to crib the collar stops them. It’s sort of like your mother saying "no-no", thus the name the No-No collar.
What size No-No Collar should I order?
If you still unsure please give us a call at (859) 321-7284
Will this collar come off if my horse gets hung up in/on something?
The original design is created much like any other piece of leather tack and therefor is not designed to “‘break away,” however a “breakaway” No-No Collar is also available.
Is the No-No Collar hard to put on?
No. The No-No Collar is very simple to put on. After warming to the horse’s body and softening some. The collar can be tightened or loosened to achieve the desired results of stopping the cribbing. The most important thing is to snug the collar tightly behind the jaw bones. See the video for instructions on how to put on the No-No collar.

Will the No-No Collar rub sores on my horse’s neck?
No. When a horse eats, drinks and grazes the collar should be loose on his neck. If your horse has thinner skin or you are worried about rubbing we offer a neoprene pad to ease your mind and to create an addition barrier between the horses and the collar.
What happens if the No-No Collar moves around my horse’s neck?
The No-No Collar is designed to be the same width and strength all the way around so no matter how the collar sits it will still work.
Is the No-No Collar Guaranteed to stop my horse from cribbing forever?
If your horse beats the 3 inch wide collar you can upgrade to a 4 or 5 inch wide collar. Call for further info.
What if the No-No Collar does not stop my horse from cribbing?
The key is to make sure the horses head and neck are relaxed.  A helpful tip: try putting feed in a feed tub (no lower than waist high to the holder) and put on the No-No Collar while the horse is eating.  Determined cribbers often flex their cribbing muscle when they see you coming with the collar. If the cribbing muscle is flexed you will not be able put the collar on tight enough to work properly.  

Does the No-No Collar need to be put on very tight for it to be effective?
No, it is suggested that you start loose and tighten until your horse stops cribbing. The tightness depends on each individual horse. Each collar is adjustable by 4-5 inches.
How long will it take before I start to see results?
The No-No Collar will show results as soon as it is tightened properly.
How was the No-No Collar created?
Through an extremely long process of working with the best manufactures in the nation and the world searching for the highest quality and the perfect materials, machines and assembly and design process would ensure a product that would not only look classy, but work and with stand the duties it is meant to do with out need for physical harm to the horse.
Can I get a discount if I buy more than one collar at a time?
Please call for quantity pricing.


Did anyone else help design the no-no collar?
No, the No-No Collar is designed, and the patent pending for it, is based on modifications, adjustments and additions to a multitude of other anti-cribbing devices and tactics used in the equine industry that I combined with my knowledge and experience, concluding in a product that has been a brilliant success.
What if I want to sell this product in my store or shop?
Call 859.321.7284 and ask for Linda for dealer pricing.

I have seen someone else making this collar what should I do?
Call Linda’s leather immediately. The No-No Collar is patent pending and should not be duplicated by anyone.

Am I allowed to re-sell this collar?
We offer discounts for legitimate dealers who have a proper resale licenses.​
Why is the No-No Collar so expensive?
The No-No Collar is crafted from the finest quality materials and is both effective and humane. Every collar is handmade in Kentucky and designed to withstand the pressure it is put under by your horse.
Are you worried about The No-No Collar rubbing your horse?

  For an additional $30 a neoprene pad can be added to any style of the No-No Collar.